Housing Overview

Policies and Programs

Welcome to the data browser

Here you can browse through a curated list of data that helps illuminate what the City is doing around housing as well as give context on housing and population from other sources like the Census.

The browser is broken up into two main areas: Housing Overview and Policies and Programs. Each chart or map gives a window into a specific topic to help you understand what does housing look like now and how the City is addressing affordability via policies and programs.

Housing Overview

Click through data here to get a big picture view of the housing and population context for the City and County of San Francisco. Much of this data comes from the Census and other trusted sources. A handful of datasets are generated by the City itself.

Policies & Programs

Data here is specific to particular policies or program areas. You can click through these datasets to get a lens on how different policies and programs are operating. If you need more context on the policy or program itself, you can click on Read more about this policy