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City total contribution in dollars ($) lent by project status by year

Since 1981, the City has loaned nearly $1 billion to finance the development of affordable rental units (note the dollar amounts are not adjusted for inflation). The chart below shows the total annual loan amounts by the project status. For example, dollars lent in 2009 went to a mix of projects - some of which are completed, some under construction and others in predevelopment.

Source: Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development.

Notes: (1) Projects are typically developed within a 5-year period. Pre-2009 funding amounts shown as “under construction” or “in predevelopment” experienced some delay after receiving an initial funding commitment from the City. (2) The amounts contributed to projects “under construction” or “in predevelopment” are incomplete and will be revised by 11/30/14. (3) The amounts contributed to some operational projects may be understated Additional research to verify the accuracy of the funding tallies will be complete by 12/31/14.