Housing Overview

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Total population and type of residence by decade

The chart below shows the total population by decade. The census categorizes people as living in either households or group quarters. The household population lives in private housing units such as homes and apartments. The group quarters population live in group living facilities. The housing hub focuses primarily on households.

Source: Minnesota Population Center. National Historical Geographic Information System: Version 2.0. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota 2011.

Notes: According to the Census "group quarters are places where people live or stay, in a group living arrangement, which is owned or managed by an entity or organization providing housing and/or services for the residents. This is not a typical household-type living arrangement. These services may include custodial or medical care as well as other types of assistance, and residency is commonly restricted to those receiving these services. People living in group quarters are usually not related to each other." Examples of group quarters are correctional institutions, juvenile facilities, skilled nursing facilities, college residence halls, military barracks, group homes, and workers’ dormitories.