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Annual allowable rent increase over time since 1982

Under rent control, landlords may increase rent, without filing a petition, by a percentage issued annually by the Rent Board. The Rent Board re-calculates the allowable increase each year and announces the new rate around the end of December, effective the following March 1st. Landlords may increase the rent 12 months after the start of the tenancy. The effective date of the annual increase is known as the tenant’s “anniversary date.” (If no increase has been given, then the tenant’s anniversary date is one year after the date the tenant moved in or when the next lawful increase is effective.) The landlord must give the tenant at least a thirty-day written notice of the proposed annual rent increase, although larger increases may require a sixty-day notice. The chart shows the published annual allowable increases since 1982 by the effective date.

Source: San Francisco Rent Board

Notes: Please check the source data to verify its recency and frequency of publishing.