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Estimated number of units built before/after 1980 by tenure

The San Francisco Rent Ordinance was passed in 1979 and covers rental housing units built before June 13, 1979. The City does not have an official count of rent controlled units as units move in and out of rent control and landlords are not required to “register” rent controlled units. This chart shows an estimate of housing stock built before and after 1980 by tenure. Rental units built before 1980 are highlighted below. While this number does not capture the actual units currently under rent control, it gives a general sense of the size of the rental market subject to rent control (see data notes below).

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. Tenure by Year Built.

Notes: The actual number of rent controlled units cannot be determined because the rent control ordinance only covers properties built before June 13, 1979 and because there is an exemption from price controls in single family homes/condos where tenants moved in after 1995. In addition, an unknown number of rental units are covered by rent control but are unpermitted. Also, please note the margins of error for each estimate (visible when hovering over the chart).