Housing policies and programs can have different income requirements and focus areas. The two frames below provide ways to group housing programs.

Income Eligibility

Housing programs often use percent of “Area Median Income” (AMI) to determine eligibility. What is AMI? The filled bar indicates the maximum AMI that the program covers. Please note that some programs have various eligibility requirements and this is only a summary view.

People or Housing Units

Icon representing policies and programs that target individuals or familiesIcon representing policies and programs that target housing units

Programs that assist individuals or families try to increase their ability to obtain or maintain housing. Programs that focus on units try to maintain or increase the “supply” of affordable housing. Icons indicate whether people or units are the target of the program.

Icon representing Affordable Housing Financing and Development

Affordable Housing Financing and Development

Housing developers use debt or equity to finance the construction or rehabilitation of housing. But low-income rents and sales prices cannot cover the costs of repaying market-rate financing...
Icon representing Homebuyer Assistance

Homebuyer Assistance

First time homebuyers that meet income thresholds or other criteria can receive loan or down payment assistance and counseling for buying their first home.
Icon representing Inclusionary Housing

Inclusionary Housing

Inclusionary housing programs require new housing projects to “include” affordable units or pay a fee.
Icon representing Homeowner Assistance

Homeowner Assistance

Homeowners can receive a variety of assistance including education, grants, and loans to help them be successful homeowners.
Icon representing Public Housing

Public Housing

Public housing provides rent-restricted housing to low-income families, the elderly, and people with disabilities...
Icon representing Preference Programs

Preference Programs

Housing preference programs give target groups priority access to affordable housing programs.
Icon representing Rent Control

Rent Control

Rent control is a housing policy that regulates rent adjustments and evictions by private landlords.
Icon representing Rental Subsidies

Rental Subsidies

Rental subsidies help low-income families and individuals, the elderly, and the disabled afford housing in the private market...